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pumpkins-at-pearlWas it really months ago that you shed your down jacket for shirt sleeves? It doesn’t seem right that Fall is upon us, and no way, no how could it be possible that cold weather is on its way. Well… There’s one way to stretch the Fall days—enjoy them. Pearl Market seems a good place to start, and it’s easy, breezy since it’s a short walk (or ride on the CBUS) from anywhere downtown. You don’t want to delay though because the Market winds down for the season in mid-October. There are still plenty of finds, and one person will get a little shopping spree on us. Keep reading to find out how to enter, and we’ll give you some scoop on things you’ll find in the market in the last few weeks of the 2016 season.

Food trucks—that screams fun, right? Stroll on down to Pearl Market on Tuesdays and Fridays through October 14 to get some nosh. Paddy Wagon, Pitabilities, & Tatoheads are scheduled to be in the market through October 14, and they’re sure to spice up any doldrums you have from impending cold temps.

Load up on all things that bring comfort aka. CARBS. The folks at Great Harvest Bread tent will even let you sample before you buy, and if you’re really down in the dumps about winter coming, grab some cookies, too. (One of those walnut, chocolate chip cookies make a meal.) Yvonne’s Cookies also brings festive decorated cookies that will absolutely cheer you up, and her themed cookies will score a touchdown for all tailgate parties. Ahem, Go Bucks!

Cooler temperatures also mean changes in produce at the Market. If you haven’t gotten your fill of summer tomatoes, you better get a move on, because things like apples and squash and pumpkins will soon take over. Don’t forget to stop at Fornoff Farms for a bright, sunshiny bouquet of fresh flowers.

For the record, there’s at least one person in Pearl Market who can’t wait for the chill in the air. The Sweater Lady has waited patiently all summer long to see her breath when she walks out the door. If you haven’t said hello to Luzmila yet, now’s the time. She’s got all kinds of things that will help keep you toasty warm…dare we say it, all winter long.

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