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Author: Melissa Fast


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Downtown Columbus

Downtown Taste Explosion Tiger + Lily offers a downtown taste explosion on Gay Street.


When Tom and Kirsten Chang talk about Tiger + Lily, they say the concept offers a very personal interpretation of Asian-inspired flavor with a modern twist. So, get ready for a downtown taste explosion. Tom and Kirsten lived and traveled around the world, and these foodies bring tons of experience to this new Downtown restaurant in the Gay Street District. Taste for yourself. Click on through to learn more about the menu and take a chance to win lunch on us.

“I want to make sure every ingredient is flavorful, and the combination gives a burst of flavor,” said Kirsten, a trained chef. “It’s fresh and pleasing, and you taste the authenticity of the dish.”

Fresh, Fresh Fresh

Whether experimenting with ingredients or plating a meal, Kirsten refuses to settle for only pleasing flavors and presentation. She uses her nutrition knowledge from medical school to create perfection whether that is at home with her family or in the restaurant. Kirsten marinates meats  in lower glycemic agave, and she never to uses  additives often found in commercially prepared Asian dishes. She always looks for ways to make traditional foods healthier, and the ramen dishes provide a perfect example.   “When you eat well, you’ll have better health,” Kirsten said.

This philosophy began at home when she began cooking for her children. She re-imagined the food that her grandmother cooked for her, which also inspired the thoughtful menu at Tiger + Lily. “We treat our staff and customers like family,” Kirsten said. “That’s what we like about Downtown. It’s a tight-knit community, and we want to be part of that.”

You’ll find rice or salad bowls, six different kinds of ramen, and don’t forget the bubble tea. On Mondays, Tiger + Lily  opens for lunch, and Tuesday through Saturday, the menu expands at 3 p.m. They offer some great shareable plates for happy hour groups or an intimate dinner for two.

Click on through to our Facebook page and tell us what you love about the Downtown community vibe (psst... and we hope that includes something about the food scene). We'll enter you to win lunch on us, and we guarantee that delicious dining awaits.