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Capital Crossroads' efforts to keep downtown safe include the operation of a real-time security network with security personnel in buildings throughout downtown. This network enables SID ambassadors, special duty police officers, property managers and building security operations to collaborate with one another to prevent crime and apprehend criminals. The recent arrest of a man who had robbed a local business demonstrates how successful this security network can be.

Late in March, Capstone Dental, a dental practice at 10 North High Street was burglarized after business hours. The next morning, Matt Sniper of Capstone Dental and Paul Ross, the property manager of the building, contacted Capital Crossroads and the Division of Police to file a report and to share high-quality video footage of the burglary.

Josh Horn, the SID's evening team leader, and Lisa Defendiefer, Deputy Director of Operations and Advocacy, shared the video with the ambassador team and with the SID's special duty police officers. This gave the safety officers exactly what they needed to be on the look-out for the burglar.

Sergeant Ryan McNamara, who was working special duty for Capital Crossroads and Discovery SIDs showed the footage to another officer in the Discovery District. Officer Good was working at the Joint Organization for Inner-City Needs (J.O.I.N.). McNamara had a gut feeling that the alleged perpetrator might show up at J.O.I.N.

This gut instinct proved correct; the alleged burglar did appear at J.O.I.N. where Sergeant McNamara recognized him from the video footage. William Vaughn Lee was taken into custody based on outstanding burglary and theft warrants. He was later charged with the burglary at Capstone Dental.

"Lee likely would not have been charged with the burglary at Capstone Dental had it not been for the great information sharing that took place and McNamara's uncanny skill for tracking down criminals," said Defendiefer.