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The Capital Crossroads and Discovery SID ambassadors are a very visible and a vital part of our Clean and Safe services. The Security Network, launched in 2009, is less visible but no less important part of the effort to keep downtown one of the safest areas in the city. The Security Network serves as an electronic communications link between private security and public safety officials downtown.

An example of the success of this network occurred this summer. An observant security officer and the SID’s special duty police officer, using Downtown Link, the shared radio communications program implemented to allow private security officers to connect with one another, were able to apprehend a man who was physically abusing his young daughter. The man, who had been observed striking his daughter in the face, fled the property after being confronted. But thanks to radio communications between security officers in the area, the SID special duty officer apprehended the suspect a few blocks away.

Downtown Link has proven an excellent security tool. By allowing security officers and managers to communicate in “real time,” they are able to coordinate an effective and timely response to situations. The resolution of this situation in July is an excellent example of its effectiveness. The Franklin County Department of Homeland Security awarded the SIDs a grant for this communications program in 2009.