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Downtown Matters: Not On His Watch


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Downtown Columbus

The Capital Crossroads SID Safety Ambassadors are always ready to lend a hand. Though that help often takes the form of providing safety escorts or supporting the security efforts in buildings throughout the SID, one day this winter Ambassador Team Leader Josh Horn took things a step further.

A woman walking downtown was the victim of a purse snatching. Though such instances are pretty rare downtown, often the chances of finding the lost property and apprehending the criminal are slim, but not on Josh’s watch. He noticed a man walking with what appeared to be a woman’s purse and who, when spotted, took off running. A man driving by confirmed that the purse had just been snatched. Josh immediately flagged down a police cruiser who used Josh’s description of the suspect and the direction he was headed to apprehend the suspect. The woman’s purse was safely returned.

The victim later wrote to Josh and the SID to thank him for his efforts. She explained that the police officer praised Josh’s efforts, noting that without his intervention, the purse likely would not have been returned and the suspect most likely would not have been caught.

 Ambassador Josh Horn exemplifies how Capital Crossroads SID is at your service.