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Downtown Matters: Car2go Comes to Cbus


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Downtown Columbus

Columbus is the latest city to join the car sharing revolution. That's a strong word, but for those who choose to forego a car, it's apt. Urban centers offer a variety of transportation options and car sharing is one that helps those who want to be car-free in the city.

Car2go launched in Columbus, the first Midwestern city to adopt the service, in late October. There are 250 smart car vehicles located throughout the city, including downtown. Once you become a member, you can pick up a car at any location (find one using a mobile app), drive it for as long as you need it, and park it when you are done (parking is free so long as you park legally). The price is right, too. After the initial $35 sign-up fee, the cars will run you $.038 per minute, $13.99 per hour or $72.99 per day. Car sharing provides huge savings when compared with a car payment, insurance and maintenance. 

"Columbus is a great, diverse demographic that car2go wants, and downtown is making the transition to a live/work space. It's an urban center that everyone expects it to be," said Nick Hill, Location Manager of car2go.

"Car2go adds one more convenience for people who want to commute to work downtown by public transit or bicycle. It allows people who do not have access to their own cars during the day to run errands, make an emergency trip to their child's school and respond to other unplanned events," said Cleve Ricksecker, Executive Director of Capital Crossroads SID. "Even better, car2go allows many households to own one car instead of two, or no cars at all. The potential savings offered by car2go are enormous."

So for urban folks looking to go without a car, car2go offers a lot of flexibility and cost savings.