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While the Capital Crossroads SID ambassadors patrol the streets daily, keeping downtown clean and safe, sometimes an event happens that really crystallizes the important part SID ambassadors play in the fabric of downtown. On January 6, Doug Palm had returned to work downtown after two weeks in Florida. While bemoaning the harsh cold temperatures, Palm was crossing Broad Street at Third Street when he slipped on some ice and heard a loud crack from his leg. He was lying in the middle of the street, unable to get back to a standing position.

Palm said that in no time a man appeared offering to help him. This gentleman helped Palm get across the street and laid him on the sidewalk. "That's when I saw he was an ambassador," explained Palm. "He radioed for a squad and waited with me until they arrived, ensuring that no one walked into me as I lay on the sidewalk."

Palm was taken to the hospital and it was determined that he had broken his tibia and fibula. The attending physician described his injury as "horrific." After he returned home to heal, Palm contacted Capital Crossroads to get the name of the man who helped him and to offer his sincere thanks to Alec Kozich, Capital Crossroads Team Leader.

"I've worked downtown for 15 years and had seen and talked to the Ambassadors many times," said Palm. "But this is the first time I needed help from one of them. He was like my guardian angel that day."