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Downtown C-pass Rolls Soon


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Downtown C-pass rolls into Columbus soon.

What if the moment you left for work, you were actually at work? That can happen, you know. Since COTA installed Wi-Fi on their entire fleet, you can step on the bus and billable hours begin. Leave behind hair-pulling traffic jams. Forget circling  Downtown surface lots, too. And it gets better, somebody else picks up the tab. What? Nothing in life is free. Thanks to some downtown property owners and community partners, eligible Downtown employees will soon get unlimited access to COTA. Drum roll, please… It’s all about the Downtown C-pass. So, it’s like adding money and time into your life. Where do you sign up? First, find out if you’re eligible.

So, here’s the bottom line about Downtown C-pass. Property owners in the Capital Crossroads SID came up with an idea to relieve the Downtown parking crunch—bus passes. But nothing in life is free, right? So, property owners anted up cash, and community partners joined in. Thanks to these committed folks, you’re gonna get a free ride. (So, don’t forget to thank those making this possible.) 

Enrollment begins May 1, and the program begins June 1. Employees enroll through their company. (So, check in with your HR folks to get the bus rolling.)

But what if you have an emergency when you’re using the Downtown C-pass and need to get home pronto? No problem. You can get a free taxi ride home (up to four times a year) thanks to a program called Emergency Ride Home. You can also find all kinds of commuting resources at gohio.

Before You Ride Downtown C-pass

June 1 is just around the corner. Just think how much money and time you’re gonna save.

Before we go, if you want to be a Downtown C-pass star, you can join COTA for an upcoming photo shoot. Just let Sean know you want a lead role. And while we’re talking lights, camera, action, keep watch for a few videos highlighting the benefits of ditching the keys.