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Downtown C-pass: Easy Winter Commuting


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Downtown C-pass Winter RiderWhen snow comes, will you dread slick roads during the winter commute? Also, who wants to scrape ice off the windshield? Hop on COTA with your Downtown C-pass, forget your traffic woes and save some cold, hard cash. Yep, the Downtown C-pass costs you nothing if you work in an eligible Downtown building. See how the program works and if you're eligible.

You may have heard about the Downtown C-pass. When you work in an eligible building, Downtown property owners and community partners pay for unlimited COTA. Companies in eligible buildings enroll employees and you choose your Downtown C-pass credential. Then, you scan your credential when you board the bus. Boom! You just got a free ride.

Don’t want to ride the bus every day? No problem. When you look at your schedule and need to run errands, drive your car. One day, you might want to carpool. If you turn on the tv and traffic tie ups are a nightmare, hop on the bus with your Downtown C-pass and let someone else worry about the commute.

Worried about sudden sickness—you or your child? Or, what if unexpectedly your boss says you must work late? Sign up for the Emergency Ride Home program. It provides up to four free taxi rides per year if you or a family member become ill, or you unexpectedly have to work late. You must sign up beforehand. So, get the details here.

Also, think of the money you could save if you only parked two or three days a week. You don't have to go cold turkey and ditch the keys. First, just try it. What do you have to lose?

Downtown C-pass Advantage

  • No more road rage.
  • Kick back and relax during your work commute.
  • Because property owners pay for the Downtown C-pass, you get a free ride.
  • Get a jump on your work day with COTA's free WiFi.

Since COTA has 25 Park and Rides around central Ohio, there's likely a Rush Hour bus right around the corner from your house. Remember, it's not all or nothing. Give it a shot and see what you think.

If you're interested in a free ride, check in with your human resources at work. They must sign you up, but you’ll be on a roll soon. Before you go, check out some other ways to get around Downtown.