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Double EBT Dollars


Pearl Market


Downtown Columbus

This year, Puffin Foundation West awarded Pearl Market a grant of $10,000 to benefit Ohio Direction card users. Similar to last year, the grant provides a 1:1 match for EBT dollars. So, for every EBT dollar spent by a card user, he gets two.

The Ohio Direction card works the same as a debit card for those who receive food assistance benefits. The benefits are automatically deposited into the user's account on a specified day each month and roll over into the next month if unused.

Pearl Market proudly offers fresh produce and food items to members of the EBT program. The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services offers food assistance to people in need to gain access to fresh produce while stimulating the economy and local farms.

Puffin Foundation West partnered with Pearl Market to create and sustain the matching program and gives EBT users an incentive to stop by the farmers market.

Thanks to Puffin Foundation West, Pearl Market still has plenty of money to give away and encourages EBT users to stop by, browse the selection and tell their friends about this great program. The Market is located downtown in Pearl and Lynn Alleys and is open on Tuesdays and Fridays. Bring your Ohio Direction card and reap the rewards.