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Criollo: Divine Downtown Deliciousness


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Criollo Lunch BowlGuillermo Perez makes downtown tastier each and every day. Fans of Si Señor Sandwiches and More know of what we speak. Guillermo’s newest spot, Criollo, opened last month at 51 East Gay Street. Don’t worry; Si Señor hasn’t gone anywhere, so you can still say yes to Peruvian sandwich deliciousness. But, get ready to expand your food horizons. And, keep reading to learn the special deal Guillermo is offering to It’s Happening Downtown subscribers.

Like lots of fast casual dining spots, Criollo offers the Chipotle model of food delivery. But, get ready for a lunch experience like no other. Each stage of your lunch-building will introduce you to outrageously delicious Peruvian flavors. First, choose the base of your bowl from white rice, beautiful green cilantro rice or quinoa. We trust your instincts, but our taste-testers declare the cilantro rice a serious success. Then, do you want white beans or lentils (you can’t go wrong)? Next, you are charged with choosing between phenomenal taste treats like chicken in walnut sauce (holy yummiliciousness), Peruvian beef stew, marinated pork chunks or mushrooms. If you ask nicely, Guillermo will let you try a little of two options. Otherwise, how can you decide? Up next: salad toppings like beets, cucumbers and solerito. Finally, douse that baby in a sauce or two. The sauces have unfamiliar names but are a-ma-zing. Ask for some guidance, so you can choose the right level of spice and the right pairing with your entree.

Criollo Taste Test Bowl Results

Your taste-testers are big fans of Si Señor, so we were pretty excited to give Criollo a try. At Si Señor, we usually order two sandwiches and split them, so we can taste more of the goodness. At Criollo, we each tried two of the entree items, so we could explore the menu more fully (we take our work seriously). Bowl one featured cilantro rice, lentils, chicken in walnut sauce, beef stew, cucumber salad and solerito, plus two sauces. Each bite elicited yummy noises. Seriously, so, so good. Bowl two featured cilantro rice, lentils, pork and mushrooms with beet salad, plantains and radish salad, plus the sauces Guillermo said would make the bowl sing. And, sing it did.

So, you need to get over there pronto. You never knew just how much you need Peruvian food in your life. Guillermo wants to welcome you to Criollo, so our readers can enjoy a free fountain soft drink with a bowl purchase.