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Common Cents Solutions

Downtown is great, but like every big-city, things come up that need attention. So, the Downtown special improvement districts find common cents solutions. On November 14, they’ve invited an expert in to discuss issues surrounding homelessness. You’re invited. So, mark your calendars and bring a few friends. It’ll take a village to make a dent on this serious issue. Seriously, it’ll take our entire city. 

The cost of people living on the street squeezes the entire community, and resources never reach far enough. Professionals working in hospitals, emergency shelters, law enforcement and social services know all too well. But cost-effective solutions exist.

Capital Crossroads and Discovery Special Improvement Districts present Common Cents Solutions. Columbus College of Art and Design hosts the event at the Canzani Center. Show up at 4 p.m. for some networking and great nosh. The programming begins at 4:30 p.m. Before the keynote speaker steps on stage, the SIDs will recognize some Downtown Champions who help make the city great.

Yes, it’s a complicated issue. But Daniel Malone, executive director of Seattle’s Downtown Emergency Service Center, will provide some Common Cents Solutions and open dialogue. Daniel will talk about how integrated services—things like housing, healthcare, employment—all in one place create change. For those money crunchers? This type of approach also saves money.

Event Details: Common Cents Solutions

  • November 14 from 4 – 6 p.m.
  • Canzani Center, CCAD
  • 60 Cleveland Avenue
  • Enter Canzani Center from Gay Street

Need more info or want to RSVP? Click on through for info about Common Cents Solutions.

Want to know what you can do this very second to help someone in need? Capital Crossroads and Discovery SIDs also provide homeless outreach help. So, give them a call at (614) 228-5718 if you see someone Downtown who needs help. If you stop by their offices at 23 N. Fourth, you can also pick up a Caring Connection’s card. The card lists all the Downtown places that help people in need. Also, the card provides info on where to get a hot meal Downtown—every day of the week. You can donate time or money to one of those organizations or give the card to someone who needs it. Caring Connections and Common Cents Solutions make perfect sense.