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Jack & Benny's Diner Deliciousness


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Jack & Benny's Diner DeliciousnessSometimes you really just need good diner fare. Renowned world-wide for hangover-fighting ability, diner nosh also helps the average Joe and Jane get through a long day at the office. Jack & Benny's Downtown Diner, located near Broad and High streets, offers its heralded "Gut Buster" breakfast extravaganza. Or, choose from a wide range of delicious breakfast and lunch options. Whether you are looking to bust your gut or just fill it part-way, you'll find what you need at Jack & Benny's.

Jack & Benny's History

Jack & Benny's Downtown represents a third location for Geno and Hilda Garcia. It joins well-loved Jack & Benny's spots north of campus and in the OSU airport. But it's also a homecoming of sorts; Geno Garcia's father worked for the original Jack & Benny's at Broad and High back in the 1970s. Diners have a throw-back appeal, and this location serves as both a throw-back and an homage to the two men who hired his dad back when.

Comfort Food Abounds

History aside, Jack & Benny's fans come for the comfort food. Breakfast is served all day long, along with some lunch items including salads, sandwiches, wraps and diner classics like Johnny Marzetti. The iconic Gut Buster stacks potatoes, bacon, ham, eggs, sausage and cheese topped with country gravy. If that's not enough, go ahead and add extra meat or potatoes. You may end up in a food coma, but, man, the ride is worth it.

Also, choose from more than 20 kinds of omelettes, spicy breakfast burritos, or house specials including the huevos rancheros. Rumor has it that those are a big hit with a certain Buckeye football coach. Those looking for lighter fare love the turkey bacon vegy omelette, the vegy breakfast wrap or the yogurt and fresh fruit bowl. Fancy something a bit sweeter? Pancake options abound. You'll find buttermilk to peanut butter chip to blueberry, coconut or Buckeye. Wash it all down with some hot coffee, fresh-squeezed orange juice, tea or pop, and you've got a breakfast, lunch or dinner worth writing home about. 

Jack & Benny's makes a great midday respite for the work weary, but is open daily with the ultimate goal of 24/7. So, come by any time of day, weekdays or weekends. Make your gut happy. Or, check out other downtown hotspots listed here.