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Columbus Museum of Art Wonder RoomThe Columbus Museum of Art Wonder Room launches a new exhibit October 28, and they want your creativity. And forget your typical hands-off idea of museum going. The Wonder Room is all about learning, doing and creating.

The Columbus Museum of Art values creativity, experience and relationships, so it made perfect sense in 2011 to open the Wonder Room in the heart of the JPMorgan Chase Center for Creativity. This place sparks visitors’ curiosity and creative thinking. For a short time, CMA needed to close the space to get ready for this new exhibit. Soon, you’ll see artwork in unexpected ways, which will give you lots of ways to compare one piece of art to another. Heck, you might even become an expert before you leave.

“You’ll also find many hands-on activities throughout our galleries and spaces because we know people learn by doing. Research shows this over and over,” said CMA’s Director of Inclusive Interpretation Merilee Mostov. “In the new Wonder Room, the hands-on activities encourage all our visitors to gain an understanding of great works of art by being be bold, active learners.”

Columbus Museum of Art Wonder Room -- Exhibit Details

  • Entry to the Wonder Room is included in admission to CMA.
  • It’s all about textile arts, which include Turkish prayer rugs, Native American weavings and modern works (and so much more).
  • Three commissioned artists created special works just for this exhibit, and they created related hands-on activities.

Bottom Line?

The new Wonder Room showcases CMA’s rich collection of textile arts, and it’ll shine a light on all the different kinds of fiber art, and the importance in our communities and culture. So, how about it? Are we gonna see you there?

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