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Downtown Columbus

You know the landscape is changing downtown. All you need to do is walk to Gay and High Streets, stroll the Scioto Mile or meander through the Discovery District to see the vibrancy taking hold. Now, it’s also cool to know that people across the country are noticing. We pulled together a Top Five List of some places that give ColumbUS its due, and we made a video that features some people doing their part to make ColumbUS great.

  1. The Columbus Foundation (link) celebrated the outstanding work of business and nonprofit leaders and innovators who were named the best in the United States for their accomplishments over the past year.

  2. We’ve been saying for a long time that we’re smart, and now Columbus has received some serious kudos from Forbes about why Ohio is the best place in America to launch a startup.

  3. Things like the Scioto Mile, an up-and-coming craft brew scene and the arts scene make Columbus a hotspot for millennials according to the Dallas News.

  4. Don’t forget, Cbus isn’t just a place to work, the Washington Post gives the nation a whole list of things to do on vacation—so forget the expensive airfare, check out your city like a tourist.

  5. The Columbus Region provides all kinds of information for companies looking to start, locate and expand, and they keep tally of how Columbus ranks compared to other cities. Their ranking list will remind US why we call Columbus home.

Of course, all the kudos bring street cred, but we know it doesn't happen without people—a ton of them. Take a look at the new Downtown Video and hear what people are saying about ColumbUS.