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Car2Go's Top 5 Reasons to Carshare


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Car2Go Corporate ImageThanks to the team at Car2Go for sharing this information with our readers. Some infosharing about carsharing.

Let’s face it; transportation is a priority in all our lives for multiple reasons. As we go to work, lunch, business meetings, etc. we want a transit option that is reliable, dependable and easy. With so many other things to figure out, how we choose to get around town should be one the easiest.

Carsharing for employees is one stress-free decision that a company can make. With 200 vehicles available in our car2go home area and a fleet management team that ensures vehicles are ready to go at all times, why wait? Start carsharing and focus on what’s really important.

Car2go for employee’s checklist:

No Time Restrictions

With car2go you don’t have to wait for your transportation to arrive at a certain time; you can choose when you’ll use car2go anytime you want. It all starts with the tap of the app.

To ride a car2go, all you need is your smartphone and our app, which is available for all common operating systems (IOS. Android, Blackberry and Windows).

No Extra Fees

All costs with car2go for you or your business are known from the beginning. Our prices are all-inclusive: insurance, tax, fuel, parking fees and maintenance. Therefore, budgeting will be simple and right in line with reality.

With a business account, the company’s administrator will get a collective statement each month. We list all your employees’ journeys down to the exact number of minutes and kilometers. You can view all the trips from the past month, with start/end destination addresses, rental duration, route and price, on the car2go website. So you can stay on top of your costs.

Business Trips

Traveling for business trips can be a real bummer if you do not have a reliable way to get around. With car2go you can go up to 200 miles outside the home area; that includes all the way to Pittsburg, Detroit, Indianapolis and Louisville. Also your membership works in any of our 14 other North American cities.

Columbus International Airport Access

You can park/pick-up a car2go from the designated parking spaces located at the Parking Spot at the airport. An airport shuttle will pick you up and take you to/from the airport terminals. Note: a $10.00 charge each way will be billed to your account for trips to and from The Parking Spot.

Click here for instructions and FAQ on how to use car2go at The Parking Spot.

Parking Made Easy

Save money by skipping monthly garage/designated parking spaces costs. You can park conveniently in the home area and close to your job for free with car2go.

Where You Can End Your Trip:
Street Meters that are at least 1 hour or longer (you don't have to feed the meter).
Public Street parking with no City signage/restrictions.
Residential Zones - as long as it is not Parking Permit Zone I.
In partnered/ car2go designated parking spaces.
You may only end your trip within the car2go Home Area.

Where You Cannot End Your Trip:
Rush Hour Lanes/Zones at any time.
Time-restricted spots that will become illegal within 24 hours
Spots designated for specific vehicles.
Illegal parking zones or parking in any illegal manner.
Private parking lots/garages.

For additional information on car2go parking do’s and don’ts please refer to: Columbus Parking FAQ.