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Business Member Spotlight: Capital City Periodontics and Oral Implantology


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Downtown Columbus

Dr. Dan Murphy at Capital City Periodontics and Oral Implantology is celebrating his one-year anniversary of opening his practice downtown in the Huntington Center in downtown Columbus.

“It’s a huge advantage to have our office located in such a densely populated area, Murphy added. “Between the over 80,000 plus people who work downtown, the 30,000 students and the ever-growing number of people that live downtown, we are the only dental specialty office in Columbus that has this many potential patients within just blocks of the office.”

Dr. Murphy’s practice identifies and delivers optimal treatments for his patients using innovative techniques such as digital technology, laser-based tools, 3-D modeling and synthetic grafting. His goal is to deliver treatment with a best-in-class experience that maximizes the investment that patients are making in their health and appearance.

“We love the energy of downtown and being a part of all the new growth in the area,” Dr. Murphy shared. “And based on the response from our patients, we plan to stay downtown for years to come.

Capital City Periodontics has seen the value of the Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District being downtown and inquired about becoming a Business Member. Membership includes sponsoring around Capitol Square.

“We think the beautification projects have really enhanced our city. In particular, we are excited to see what the spring plantings will look like this year because we think the planters around the square make a difference in the downtown esthetic,” Dr. Murphy said. “Our patients who haven't visited downtown in a while often comment about how pretty the area is as compared to their experience in years past.”