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Pearl Market


Downtown Columbus

Two Roasting Joes, a first time summer vendor at Pearl Market, believes they have discovered the secret behind the boldest and freshest brew around.

Give us the secret. Grind the beans immediately before brewing and avoid previously ground coffee. This trick yields the most flavorful coffee. That invigorating flavor diminishes after you grind the beans.

This Chillicothe-based operation, values quality more than quantity and urges its customers to purchase their coffee as whole beans. They advise customers to skip the large buckets of coffee purchased in mass quantities from grocery stores and instead buy the coffee in small, fresh quantities. The longer coffee sits, the worse the flavor becomes.

Their passion for the freshest coffee extends to the coffee beans used in their specialty brews coming from exotic destinations including Colombia. They even include a "roasted on" label to ensure the freshest product around.

No worries for those pod people out there. Two Roasting Joes expanded their business and now make the K-cups for those on-the-go types who crave a single serving coffee maker.

Find Two Roasting Joes at Pearl Market every Tuesday and Friday. Buy a bag of their finest beans or order online. While you browse, sip one of their iced coffee treats, perfect for a sunny afternoon.