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The little shop on the corner of Third and Gay has seen it’s share of restaurants and coffee shops come and go, but a real keeper moved in—Poke Bros. Don’t let the size of the storefront lead you to believe options are limited. Choices abound and the fresh flavors pack real punch. Keep reading to find out how to enter to win a gift card to Poke Bros.

Admittedly, when we walked in we weren’t expecting to be bowled over with flavor, and with sushi purists in our group, we wondered how it would meet expectations. The build-your-own concept is not new (and yes, some may even argue, overused). Choose bowl or salad. Pick a protein. Run it through the garden (or not). Add a sauce, and pop on a lid. But, if you like sushi and you like fresh, you need Poke Bros… really.

If you haven’t been yet, we thought we’d offer a couple tips. Unless you are a huge rice lover, opt for half rice, half lettuce. It was a nice combo and provided an added layer of flavor. While the standard scoop of protein is generous enough, for just three bucks more, you can add another scoop. It’s enough protein to keep you full for hours (or be just the thing you need to eat before a long happy hour party with a few flights of beer or a martini sampling). You might be tempted to skip the pickled ginger since you just add it to the top of the bowl—don’t. The ginger adds a welcome complexity to the flavors mingling throughout. The last step: sauces. Even if you are one who generally goes light on sauces and dressings, there are lots of options that don’t weigh the bowl down; so live a little. Add some more sauce.

Do you have a secret recipe for your personalized poke bowl? Give us a little scoop on our Facebook page, and we’ll enter you to win a gift card to Poke Bros. on us.