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Barroluco Bites Keep Columbus Warm


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Barroluco EmpenadasWith temperatures dipping below zero this week, we recommend going hot and spicy with your lunch. So, have you tried Barroluco yet since they opened in the former El Arapazo spot in Pearl Alley? Self described as Argentine comfort food, what could be better for providing cold weather sustenance? Nothing, which is why you can nab a special offer good to It’s Happening Downtown subscribers.

If the name rings a bell, maybe you hit the Barroluco food truck at a festival in the past. Owner Omar D’Angelo moved from Argentina to the United States back in 2000, bringing a love for the family restaurant business with him. First, he and his family started making cakes and sweets due to requests. Then, they wanted to open a business. Omar studied at Franklin University downtown and learned the ins and outs. But, opening a restaurant requires quite an investment, so starting a food truck offered a less expensive entree into the market.

And, central Ohio was super glad to have Barroluco there. The food truck amassed quite a following, many of whom asked where their brick and mortar location was. When El Arepazo vacated their downtown location, Omar thought now is the time. So, Downtown Columbus has the Argentine comfort food we didn’t know we were missing.

Barroluco Menu Hits

Actually, the menu offers more than just Argentine treats, taking influences from other Spanish and South American cuisine, including empanadas, paella and more. And, they understand that the lunch crowd might be on a tight schedule. So, the menu lets you know how long you will need to wait. Need your food in a couple of minutes? Much of the menu is at your disposal, including the famed empanadas, paella, ribs, soup and salad. But, if you have time to linger a bit, consider the Barroluco (signature sandwich), carne asada or ChoriPan (another Argentine sandwich). These options only take five to 15 minutes. And, break your New Year’s diet with a churro, because yum.

Prices range from $3-$13. And, you can’t get a better deal on paella anywhere. Omar calls it “affordable, luxury, comfort food.” For fans of the food truck, he is excited to offer a broader menu. Also, they hope to acquire a liquor license in the future, and expand their hours. Currently, you can stop in between 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. weekdays and Saturdays 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.

So, now that you’re dying to give it a try, Omar is offering a special for our readers. Through the  month of February, when you buy one menu item valued at at least $10, get a second menu item for free.