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Phillip Wilson Ambassador 2015At the Capital Crossroads and Discovery Special Improvement District Annual Meeting in November, one Ambassador from each SID was recognized as Ambassador of the Year. Although all of our SID Ambassadors work incredibly hard and represent Downtown Columbus professionally, Philip Wilson (Capital Crossroads) and Ryan Jefferson (Discovery) stood out this year.

Wilson is a wonderful resource for Capital Crossroads. He handles any assignment by using his expertise with our cleaning equipment and his superior communication skills. He is quick to offer assistance and advice, and has managed a perfect attendance record during each of his four years with the SID. He takes personal ownership of Downtown Columbus, and the way with which he approaches his works inspires everyone on his team to do the same.

Wilson came to Capital Crossroads after retiring from his first career. “It started out as a bet with my wife,” he explained. “I saw the ad for the job, and she said I was too old. But I applied, they called me, and I’ve enjoyed it ever since.”

When asked what part of his work he most enjoys, he said he likes it all. “I really like everything, because you can see what you have accomplished, and you’re always meeting someone different. It’s also nice that it changes through the seasons.”

Ryan Jefferson Ambassador 2015Jefferson has been with Discovery SID for less than a year, but has already established himself as a strong and positive presence. He is hospitable, a quick learner, an outstanding representative of the SID, and one who exceeds expectations every day.

Jefferson notes that he applied for the job so he would have the opportunity to be out in the community, helping people. His favorite part of the job is doing just that. He also appreciates the opportunity to work outdoors and to encounter and develop relationships with people from all walks of life on a daily basis.

Jefferson also appreciates the recognition he gets in the community. “One time, I was picking up trash in the Discovery District, which isn’t really part of my job. Someone saw me doing it and took the time to send in a compliment. It’s really nice to be recognized.”

We are proud of the hard work all of our Ambassadors do on a daily basis to keep downtown clean and safe. Thank you to Philip Wilson and Ryan Jefferson for going above and beyond.