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Artists make connections. Do you remember back in elementary school when you wrote to a pen pal in an exotic far away place? You built a connection with someone like you but from a different part of the world, enhancing your understanding of yourself and others. And, you felt a whole new connection with a place far, far away. Columbus has its own pen pal of sorts in sister city, Genoa, Italy. And now, Greater Columbus Sister Cities International wants you to feel a connection with Genoa through an exhibition of artwork from Genoa photographer Emanuele Timothy Costa. The exhibit, Thousand People of Genoa, runs through April 14 at Columbus Cultural Arts Center. So, make sure to visit.

Costa seeks to share his love of his city through photographs of the faces of residents of Genoa. Costa believes that Columbus residents can find a connection and sense of belonging by looking into the eyes of his subjects. And, while he is in Columbus, Costa is photographing faces that he will share in a later exhibit in Genoa called Thousand People of Columbus. Costa is struck by the diversity of our city, so it will be exciting to see what his photographs share of Columbus.

Artist Talk with Costa

On March 29 at noon, meet Costa during Conversations & Coffee. He will discuss his Thousand People project, his inspiration and a lighting technique that he developed.

Learning from Artists

To get a full dose of artist talks this week, head to Angela Meleca Gallery on March 28. Ryland Wharton presents an artist talk and performative lecture, Footnotes, Liner Notes, and an Addendum for Detour Detour Detour Detour. Get ready to explore topics ranging from alchemy to science fiction, memory palaces and logotype design. The event runs 6 - 7:30 p.m., with the talk beginning at 6:30 p.m.

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