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The Columbus arts scene is finally getting the recognition it deserves, and the students, staff and alumni of the Columbus College of Art & Design are definitely a big part of the hoopla. Earlier this year, CCAD opened a new school store, Ampersand Emporium, to offer enthusiastic art- and CCAD-lovers a place to stock up school swag. Named for the ampersand in CCAD’s name, the emporium is located in the Design Square Apartments building at 91 Cleveland Avenue.

CCAD students are at the heart of the project. They created the store’s branding and designed the store’s interior. The merchandise mix is also recommended and designed by CCAD’s Student Agency, through which student designers, photographers, videographers and illustrators create special projects which are used both by CCAD and outside clients such as the Greater Columbus Arts Council and Experience Columbus. And the store eventually plans to offer artwork created by students and alumni.

If you stop by Ampersand Emporium, you’ll find traditional college spirit wear, such as clothing and pennants, plus more novelty-type items, including temporary tattoos, buttons and magnets. Students and locals can also grab food and drinks. Because school is out for the summer, Ampersand Emporium’s hours are a bit sporadic through August 21. You can visit their website to see the full listing. This week, the store is open June 20, 21, 22 and 23 from noon - 6 p.m. They do not open again until July 9, so it’s the perfect time for a visit.