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YMCA DodgeballThe experts say that one of the best ways to exercise is to choose an activity that you find fun. Good news: the Downtown Y is speaking that language. This winter, they are offering an adult co-ed Dodgeball League, an adult Volleyball League and a Women vs. Men Adult Sports Competition. Sign up and get ready to sweat with a smile.

Are you ready to channel your inner Peter La Fleur? Just like the gang at Average Joe’s Gym, you can duck, dodge and dive your way to to fun and fitness (or at least hearty activity minutes on your Apple Watch or Fitbit). Do you prefer to spike a ball rather than dodge it? No problem. Sign up for the volleyball league, and bump, set, spike away. Or join the eternal battle of the sexes with hardcore events ranging from inner tube water polo to Family Feud to human Hungry Hungry Hippos.

All leagues run through early March. If you can’t decide, you are in luck. Volleyball plays on Monday night, dodgeball on Tuesday night and the adult sports competition on Wednesday night, so sign up for all three. The cost per league is $45 for members or $65 for non-members. Stop by the front desk to register or sign up online.