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Downtown Columbus

It’s all going to be so totally worth it come spring and summer. Yes, construction continues in the Pearl and Lynn alleys throughout the winter, but when Pearl Market opens for the season, they will be ready to welcome you with open arms. In the meantime, we want you to know that your favorite alley restaurants are open and ready to feed you - NOW. Have you failed to fulfill your lunchtime cravings because of a little construction dust? We promise, it’s easy to get through the alleys and get to all that deliciousness.

Si Senor offers some of the most delicious sandwiches you’ll find anywhere. On a cold day you can enjoy homemade, hot soup, or if you’re still working on a post-holiday diet, you can find a delicious salad. But really, the sandwiches are some of the best. Our suggestion? Go with a friend, order two different sandwiches and share! You won’t regret it. Oh, and don’t forget the homemade chips.

Have you visited Jack’s since his return to the alley? Long a downtown favorite, Jack still serves up some of the best diner-cookin’ you’ll find anywhere. Stop by for an old favorite, like the Meatloaf Dinner, or swing by for Jack’s famous daily specials.

Surely you haven’t forgotten about the cilantro sauce. You can find it, and all sorts of wonderful things to drizzle it on, each day at El Arepazo. Tostadas, burritos, arepas and more will fill your tummy and make you long for a trip south of the border.

If a burger is what’s for lunch, you cannot beat the beef at Ringside Cafe. Each half-pound Angus burger is named for a boxing great and really packs a punch. Be sure to try The Ali or the Oscar de la Hoya. And if you aren’t up for a big burger at midday, you can choose from the Lightweight or Welterweight menus (think delicious salads and sandwiches).

Did you check out Olivers for last week’s Blue Plate Special? If you missed out on the Cajun chicken alfredo special, more goodness awaits this week. Pop in and find out for yourself.

We know this week’s Blue Plate Special will encourage you to head over for a slice of Cafe Napolitana delicousness. Palmo never fails to deliver, no matter what your pizza preference. The Alley Bar is also a great place to watch the Super Bowl, whether you hope for a Falcons win or more Patriots domination.