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Alley IslandsIf the holiday weekend had you dreaming of an island vacation, head to Alley Islands on Saturday. And, you will get where you need to go without leaving town. Maybe heading to an alley seems an odd choice for some serious summer fun. But if so, you are just the convert this event is looking for. Alley Islands shows how what might seem on the surface to be a gray, featureless space can be reimagined as a street festival. Don't believe us? Just head to Alley Islands 2018, Saturday, June 2, noon - midnight in the alleys surrounding 162 North Sixth Street by Blockfort Gallery. And, admission will only set you back $5.

Indeed, the alleys will come alive as a street festival, transforming the urban environment. First, enjoy works of art, displays of creativity, performances, activities and live music. Then, do some shopping with local vendors, drinking with local beers and eating with local food. Participating food and beer providers include Wolf's Ridge Brewing, Seventh Son Brewing, BrewDog USA, Rime Time Curiously Crafted Pops and ClusterTruck. 

You may remember the Columbus Parklet Project, where parking spaces were transformed into a destination for a day. Well, Columbus Parklet Project grew up to become PlaceMakes, which partners with Blockfort Gallery and Transit Columbus on this outstanding event. But, the concept of reimagining a spot for vehicles into a spot for inspiration remains the same. And, while you might think of alleys as home to dumpsters and detritus, Alley Islands will cure you of such limited thinking. 

Alley Islands' sponsors include The Discovery District SID, the Greater Columbus Arts Council and Compton Construction, LLC.

What You'll Find at Alley Islands

  • Murals and art installations
  • Musical performances
  • Other performances and activities
  • Pop-up vendors

This event takes place in the heart of art downtown. Blockfort Gallery, which opened in 2016, offers work space to artists and entrepreneurs . And presents exhibits, like this month's Futures for the Rest of Us. Plus, just around the corner, you'll find Columbus Museum of Art and Columbus College of Art & Design. So, after your island vacation, explore the neighborhood as well.