Downtown Concierge

Bikes & Scooters

COGO Bike Share

Hop on anytime, thanks to the 24/7 CoGo Bike Share bicycle network and get unlimited, 30-minute trips. Choose from 24- and 72-hour passes or an annual membership if you’re a frequent rider. Find 300+ bicycles in 40 different locations throughout Downtown and adjoining neighborhoods.

Yay Bikes!

There’s something special about urban bicycling. Learn how to navigate Downtown streets and traffic safely with Yay Bikes! Offering fully customizable, on-road bicycle education experiences, Yay Bikes! can help boost your riding confidence and help you encourage others to bike, too.

Your Bike!

Ride your own bike and park it in one of almost 300 parking spots located throughout Downtown from the Convention Center to Nationwide Boulevard to The Scioto Mile. We’ve got a variety of bike shelters, including traditional racks, covered spaces and green-roofed “living shelters.”


Why hoof it when you can fly through town faster? For just a buck and some change, you can hop on a Bird, kick off, and go about 15 miles on a single charge. Ride the city streets or flock to a bike lane. The choice is yours.


Want to peel a few minutes off your commute and see Downtown Columbus from a different point of view? For just a dollar and some change, Lime’s no-dock scooter gets you moving fast. Step on, kick forward, and you’re off on an environmentally friendly ride.