Downtown Concierge

Discovery SID

With nearly 40 blocks to keep an eye on, you might only notice a red blur as a Discovery SID ambassador bikes by. Rest assured, collaboration is the name of the game in the SID. Ready with special radios, the SID, office managers and police make sure things are safe for all to enjoy. Not just that, we know life isn’t easy for everyone so trained homeless outreach specialists help people who are down on their luck. We’re here to help. Just ask.


See something that doesn’t look quite right? Give us a call. Walk by a coffee shop and see a graffiti tag on the side of the building? Yep, we can take care of that, too. Want to have some company walking back to your car after a late night? We’ve got you covered.

Keep our number handy because whether you live, work or play here, Downtown Ambassadors are here for you. Monday through Saturday, you can call from 6 a.m. – 2 a.m., 614-228-5718.


We know you care—we all do. Sometimes you might want to give spare change to a panhandler. But what if you’re just feeding an addiction? Instead, give kindness by donating to an organization that truly helps the homeless.

Homeless Outreach

No pretending. Homelessness is a problem all over, and we’re trying to make a difference. Two, full-time specialists make it their business to connect people in need with services. It’s like giving a hand up instead of a hand out.

Graffiti Removal

Power-washing ambassadors are at the ready to clean up unsightly and unfortunate street-level building tags, if necessary.

Research & Data

When you need facts and figures about Downtown Columbus, including number of workers, residents, housing construction and investments, this is where to start.

State of Downtown

Take a  look at the growth and vitality within our central business district.

Safety Patrols

Pedaling from the Topiary Park to Roosevelt Coffee to Franklin University and everywhere in between, our safety ambassadors rack up the miles as they bike through the Discovery District. They’re not hard to miss in red and black uniforms. Oh, and they’ll be the ones smiling and waving as they ride by.

Special Duty

Downtown is safe, and we plan on keeping it that way. To stay ahead of the game, the SID hires special-duty police officers to work with our Downtown Ambassadors.

Ambassador Chaperone

The weatherman promised sunny skies, but looking out your office window tells a different story. Give us a call at (614) 228-5718. An ambassador will come to the rescue—umbrella in hand. Or, if you get stuck in the office late after a client meeting, Downtown Ambassadors will walk you to your car or bus line.


To get stuff done, work together, right? Behind the scenes, the SID connects security managers and the police in real-time radio communication.



Matt Miller


Grant Medical Center

Terri Botsko

Vice Chair

Capital University Law School

Ralph Smithers


Motorists Insurance Company

Carl Brown


Franklin University

Jeff Fisher

Immediate Past Chairman


Kyle Anderson


State Auto Insurance

Rod Bouc


Columbus Museum of Art

Robb Coventry


Columbus State Community College

Charlie Hansen


Columbus Metropolitan Library

Tasha Intriere



Matthew Loving


Loving Realty

Mark Lundine


City of Columbus

Donald McTigue


545 East Town Street LLC

Stephanie Rodgers


Junior League of Columbus

Peggy Volpe


Autobody Supply Company

Randy Walker


Commercial One Realtors

Becky West



John Wilkerson


Carlile Patchen & Murphy

Cathryn Geppert


Discovery District Development Corporation