Downtown Concierge

Capital Crossroads SID

In the central business district, you’ll see our clean team watering flowers, power washing sidewalks, sucking up leaves and even picking up a few things you don’t want to step in. While you’re out and about, wave to our safety ambassadors as they cruise by on their bikes. Behind the scenes, Downtown Ambassadors, security managers and the police make sure that Downtown remains safe. Bottom line. We’re here to help. Just ask.


Walk by Broad and High at lunch and see something that looks a little off? Call us. Almost step in something that Fido left behind on the sidewalk? Yep, we can take care of that, too. Get stuck in the office late at night and want someone to walk you to your car or bus stop? Our Downtown Ambassadors will keep you company.

Keep our number handy because whether you live, work or play here, Downtown Ambassadors are here for you. Monday through Saturday, call us from 6 a.m. – 11 p.m., and Sunday we’re around 9:30 a.m. – 6 p.m. Just let us know what you need by calling (614) 228-5718. Nothing is too big or small.


We know you care—we all do. Sometimes you might want to give spare change to a panhandler. But what if you’re just feeding an addiction? Instead, give kindness by donating to an organization that truly helps the homeless.

Homeless Outreach

No pretending. Homelessness is a problem all over, and we’re trying to make a difference. Two, full-time specialists make it their business to connect people in need with services. It’s like giving a hand up instead of a hand out.

Umbrella Service

Umbrella-carrying ambassadors are just a phone call away if you need rain cover while in the Capital Crossroads SID. 

Graffiti Removal

Power-washing ambassadors are at the ready to clean up unsightly and unfortunate street-level building tags, if necessary.


To get stuff done, work together, right? Behind the scenes, the SID connects security managers and the police in real-time radio communication.

Marketing Program

Marketing a new-to-Downtown small business is easier, thanks to complimentary, short-term consulting and strategic planning from CCSID.

Research & Data

When you need facts and figures about Downtown Columbus, including number of workers, residents, housing construction and investments, this is where to start.

State of Downtown

Take a  look at the growth and vitality within our central business district.

Office & Retail Space

Small businesses need all the help they can get, so CCSID helps connect entrepreneurs to available space—with square footage sized just right for them.

Safety Patrols

Pedaling from the Topiary Park to Roosevelt Coffee to Franklin University and everywhere in between, our safety ambassadors rack up the miles as they bike through the Discovery District. They’re not hard to miss in red and black uniforms. Oh, and they’ll be the ones smiling and waving as they ride by.

Ambassador Chaperone

The weatherman promised sunny skies, but looking out your office window tells a different story. Give us a call at (614) 228-5718. An ambassador will come to the rescue—umbrella in hand. Or, if you get stuck in the office late after a client meeting, Downtown Ambassadors will walk you to your car or bus line.

Special Duty

Downtown is safe, and we plan on keeping it that way. To stay ahead of the game, the SID hires special-duty police officers to work with our Downtown Ambassadors.

That's A Beauty

Have you noticed all the hanging baskets along High Street from Fulton Avenue to Nationwide Boulevard, or the planters all around Capitol Square? Capital Crossroads takes the lead on beautification projects all over Downtown. If it’s blooming (and in the public right of way), we’re probably keeping it pretty.

Four-Season Shine

Our Clean Team—sporting yellow and black uniforms—keep Downtown spiffy all year long picking up trash (and even some unmentionables). You might also see them power washing sidewalks or newspaper racks. As temps turn cool, they suck up the falling leaves, too—last year they bagged more than 5 tons of leaves. And when the snow hits the ground, our Clean Team morphs to Winter Warriors—keeping the crosswalks and street drains free of snow.


The SID does great work, and it never stops. And we’re stoked that property owners see value. But there’s always room to do more—tackling homelessness problems for example—when businesses chip in, we can do even more. Bottom line? If you want to get more involved—through sponsorship, business membership or special events—we want you on the team. Make a difference with us.


Board Members

Susan Ungar



Kermit Whitfield

Vice Chair

United Way of Central Ohio

Tyler Steele



Robert McCarthy


Bricker & Eckler

Tom Matheny

Trustee (ex officio)

Downtown Residents Association of Columbus

Haley Sherman

Trustee (ex officio)

Columbus Chamber

James Schimmer

Trustee (ex officio)

Franklin County Economic Development Director

Todd Bemis


Columbus Association for the Performing Arts

Mike Bradley


Central Ohio Transit Authority

Elonie Christian


Huntington National Bank

Deborah Dee


E.V. Bishoff Co.

Juan Laginia


Crowne Plaza

Mark Lundine


City of Columbus

Josh Macklin


CDS Enterprise/Casto Organization

Tony Mathena


Continental Downtown

Christopher Matousek



Mark Stonebraker


Capitol Square Limited

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CDDC/Capitol South

Jeffrey Wolf


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