Doing Business Downtown

In this city, you can do anything.

Downtown’s entrepreneurial spirit thrives, making this a great time to invest in downtown. It’s easy to see in all the new  housing, businesses, restaurants and bars popping up throughout the downtown core.

Places like Columbus Commons and the Scioto Mile bring state-of-the-art landmarks and economic growth to our city. Take a walk along the riverfront and see for yourself. The transformation is incredible.

Thanks to the investment of billions of dollars and backed by one of the most successful public-private partnerships in the history, the City of Columbus, Capital Crossroads Special Improvement DistrictColumbus Downtown Development Corporation and Capitol South and many more have achieved unprecedented success in making downtown the place to be and be seen.

The coolest thing about downtown business? Everyone gets a seat at the table–from big-time CEOs to the first time entrepreneur. You’ll see it all across downtown–in the high-rise office towers and in the sidewalk cafes, where excitement and business exist side by side.

The key is collaboration, which is not just a word in Columbus. It’s how we do business.

Be part of the renaissance. Join US.

Want more info on opening a business downtown? Call Kacey Brankamp at (614) 591-4504. She’s the business recruiter at Capital Crossroads SID.