Annual Report

Discovery SID began operating in 2007. Property owners assess themselves to provide much-needed services within the Discovery District.

Services do not replace what the City does. Instead, SID assessments expand and hone in on initiatives that complement this unique Downtown neighborhood where culture, art and academia converge. Through public-private partnerships, Discovery SID leverages additional support from corporate and philanthropic communities to benefit this Downtown gem.

Discovery SID goes above and beyond what any one company could do. Together, this group of invested property owners – more than 250 property owners in 284 acres – helps this community realize its potential.

Discovery SID property owners determine the priorities, which focus on safety initiatives and social service outreach. Right-of-way enhancements and area promotions round out the plan for services.

Discovery Special Improvement District helps make sure Downtown is a clean, safe and fun place to live work and play.

Much of what we do, goes on behind the scenes so we want to give you some scoop on what we’ve been up to this past year. Call us at (614) 591-4565 to request a printed copy of the 2016 annual report (or if you just want to talk or have questions about downtown). If you’d like to save a few trees, browse the online report by clicking the image below.

The 2016 audited financial statement can be downloaded here.