Why Downtown Columbus? Because Downtown Is Everyone’s Neighborhood!

Downtown Columbus is a thriving 18-hour neighborhood that is growing every day. More than 7,700 residents, 83,000 workers and 8.5 million annual visitors have discovered that Downtown is more than just the hub of regional commerce and state politics; it’s also the place to eat at award-winning restaurants, watch an outdoor concert, stroll along the riverfront, take in a show, and so much more! And with 90 cents of every tax dollar generated Downtown returning to the surrounding neighborhoods to support critical programs throughout the capital city, Downtown Columbus is a donor district.

Never content simply staying in one place, Downtown Columbus is constantly moving forward as it strives to achieve the community’s goals and common vision. Recently completed projects, as well as those on the horizon, are dedicated to celebrating the urban experience that only exists in the heart of our capital city.

Downtown Columbus is where culture and commerce meet. Downtown is your neighborhood.