Capital Crossroads SID Reauthorization

A special improvement district or “SID” is a defined area where property owners assess themselves to provide much-needed services within the district boundaries. Services do not replace what the city can do. Instead, property owners within the SID boundary determine priorities and implement strategies that complement city services and enhance the goals of the community. The coordinated and collaborative service plan provides a framework for management services similar to those found in shopping centers and office parks.

Property owners create or renew a SID through a petition process that includes an accompanying Plan for Services describing the services to be provided. Since property owners determine the focus of SID operations, services vary depending on the needs of the district. In Capital Crossroads SID, priorities include safety, cleaning, beautification, promotional, and advocacy services. A nonprofit board of trustees, comprised of property owners, controls SID finances and operations.

In February 2016, petitions were submitted to the Franklin County Auditor from property owners representing at least 60% of front feet to reauthorize the Capital Crossroads SID for an additional five years, from 2017 to 2021. Columbus City Council passed legislation in March, 2016 to renew the SID.

The Plan for Services and changes to the boundary can be found below:

If you have questions about the Capital Crossroads SID reauthorization process, the assessment on your property or the Plan for Services, please contact Marc Conte or call him at (614) 591-4507.