Anniversary Celebration

Capital Crossroads and Discovery Special Improvement Districts (SIDs) celebrate big anniversaries this year in helping keep downtown clean and safe for you—whether you live, work or just come downtown to explore the great things that are happening.

Downtown Columbus hit the national spotlight a few years ago with its landscape-altering projects like the Scioto Mile, and nationally recognized museums, libraries, greenspaces and sports venues that often surprise people who haven’t been here in a while. It’s also the region’s largest employment center, with five Fortune 1000 companies.

Capital Crossroads and Discovery SIDs make up a big part of our Downtown renaissance. Like business improvement districts throughout the country, property owners assess themselves to pay for services to manage the public areas. Capital Crossroads SID celebrates 15 years in operation, and Discovery SID isn’t far behind at 10 years.

Capital Crossroads SID began operating in 2002 with the goal to help make downtown the cleanest, safest and best place to live, work and play in central Ohio. The SID employs an entire team of clean and safe ambassadors. The clean team wears yellow and black uniforms, and you’ll see them picking up litter and watering flowers to keep our downtown looking great. The safety team wears blue and black uniforms as they ride their bikes through the urban core. These Downtown Ambassadors are a walking concierge.

Capital Crossroads also supports downtown business by providing valuable resources to entrepreneurs looking to open in downtown, and runs the Pearl Market, a unique farmers and merchant market in the heart of downtown that pop-ups every Tuesday and Friday all summer long.

If you’re downtown and want to find a landmark, take a look at the way-finding signs and the many beautiful planters along Capitol Square and High Street. Capital Crossroads had a hand in that, too.

The Discovery Special Improvement District (SID) came about in 2006. Funded by property owners east of the downtown core, the district is the place where culture, art and academia converge. The Discovery SID employs safety ambassadors—in red and black uniforms—who ride bikes and provide an extra set of eyes and ears for the police.

Capital Crossroads and Discovery SIDs together employ special-duty police officers and homeless outreach specialists. Through a nationally recognized, public-private partnership, the SID also facilitates real-time communication with safety professionals throughout downtown, which focuses on a holistic approach to crime prevention.

Every five years, property owners within the SIDs’ boundaries decide whether they’d still like these services. Both SIDs have recently re-authorized their plans, and now it’s time to celebrate.