Chris Bukovac, Owner of Edible Arrangements

By Melissa Fast | 21 Mar, 2012

Downtown's Got Character/Chris Bukovac: Owner, Edible Arrangements 

Chris Bukovac owns Edible Arrangements franchises in other parts of Columbus, but she knew the downtown market was ripe for the picking.

“With more than 200,000 people working downtown, we believe that we can provide a healthy choice for workers and residents,” said Chris.

Edible Arrangements opened a storefront smack dab in the middle of downtown at 14 N. High Street, and they are open every day of the week.

The Downtown store implemented a new concept – Grab-n-Go so not only can you take advantage of same-day pick-up and delivery, but the downtown Edible Arrangements can hook you up with irresistible fresh fruit salads, Fruithies (aka. Smoothies), FruZee, FruJuice or breakfast parfaits Tastilicious healthy options abound.

Oh, and if you need a little extra afternoon oomph in the form of chocolate, they’ve got you covered, or maybe we should say dipped. The chocolate dipped banana, apple and strawberry slices provide a decadent all-natural sweet treat whatever time of day.